Responsive Pedagogy Resources for 8/19/2020

For faculty who are teaching face to face this fall: Recommended: Attend one of the CITL sessions on teaching in a physically distanced classroom. Attendees can attend either via Zoom or in the actual classroom. Both are eye-opening. The next scheduled session is Friday August 21, but they plan to add more, including through theContinue reading “Responsive Pedagogy Resources for 8/19/2020”

Responsive Pedagogy Resources from August 12

Teaching Race: Pedagogy and Practice — a guide from Vanderbilt University with guiding principles and corresponding pedagogic strategies, synthesized from a comprehensive review of literature related to teaching race Teaching in Times of Crisis — Vanderbilt A 2007 survey by Therese A. Huston and Michelle DiPietro (2007) reveals that “from the students’ perspective, it is bestContinue reading “Responsive Pedagogy Resources from August 12”