Tenure and Promotion Support

Hiring a coach was the best thing I ever did.

I specialize in supporting faculty in their quest for achieving tenure and/or promotion. I also offer coaching for successful reappointment at the earlier stages. Contact me at jessmillerphd@gmail.com with questions, or to schedule a free 25 minute Zoom exploratory session.

My experience:

  • I have 5 years experience guiding faculty in the tenure and promotion process as a higher ed administrator
  • As department chair for 5 years, I supported faculty in their onboarding and promotion processes
  • I have served as an external reviewer for tenure and promotion cases at a range of colleges and universities
  • I have personally been through the process of tenure and promotion to associate and then full professor

Your coach should have personal and professional experience with the tenure process.

Potential coaching topics:

  • Staying true to who you are while following a prescribed T&P format
  • Selecting external reviewers for maximum impact and minimal risk
  • Writing your research narrative: telling your story to non-specialists
  • Editing and formatting your c.v. for clarity
  • Maintaining calm during a season of stress
  • Keeping your research going the summer before tenure
  • Matching your dossier to your department’s expectations
  • The art and science of a successful T&P application
  • Should you use your prior credit from another institution?
  • How to prepare a packet after a “stop the clock” for the birth or adoption of a child
  • Should you go on the market “just in case”?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on your tenure and promotion process
  • Distilling your pedagogical philosophy and writing your teaching narrative
  • Organizing your 3, 5, 10, or 20 years of work into a coherent story
  • Dealing with “gaps” in your c.v.
  • You’ve gotten that promotion. What’s next?
  • It didn’t work out: recovering and responding to disappointment
  • The risks and benefits of “going up early”.
  • Having the post-promotion salary discussion with your chair, director or dean

Contact me at jessicamillermaine@gmail.com with questions.