Community Bioethics Presentations



The following are presentations, mainly in bioethics, which I have prepared for local and statewide audiences.

Keynote Presentations – Statewide Conferences

(2017) Creating an ethical climate. Maine Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care Annual Meeting, October 13, Bangor, ME.

(2017) Clinical ethics for today’s healthcare professionals, Ethical Considerations in Healthcare Conference, May 15, Portsmouth, NH.

(2016) Conflict of interest and moral distress. Maine Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program Annual Meeting, October 26, Augusta, ME.

(2014) Social work leadership in ethics and ethics in social work leadership. Maine Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care, Annual Meeting, October 18, Waterville, ME.

(2013) Trust in health care in times of change. Hanley Center for Health Leadership, December 13, Augusta, ME. (with Frank Chessa)

(2012) Ethics in breastfeeding support practices. Maine State Breastfeeding Coalition Annual Conference, May 18, Orono, ME.

(2012) Bioethics in a family practice setting. 20th Annual Maine Academy of Family Physicians Medicine Update, April 12, Bar Harbor, ME.

(2010) Ethics and independence for CRNAs, Nurse Anesthesia of Maine Annual Conference, October 10, Bangor, ME.

(2010) The Affordable Care Act and rural health: Ethical issues for Maine. Health Reach Ethics Conference, October 7, Waterville, ME.

(2005) Enhancing ethical reflection: Concepts of health for the geriatric patient. Aging in Maine: Cultural and Practical Implications, 15th Annual Rural Geriatric Conference, June 2, Bar Harbor, ME.


Invited Presentations – Statewide Conferences

(2010) What is the good in bioethics? Fourth Annual Camden Philosophical Society Conference, May 24, Camden, ME.

(2010) Ethical issues in the care of breastfeeding mothers. Presented at Breastfeeding Through Life Challenges Conference, May 14, Orono, ME.

(2009) Clinical ethics: Focus on Native Americans in Maine, Clinical Ethics in Maine Conference, September 21, Bangor, ME. (with Pamella Hand)

(2009) Bioethics in rural settings. Clinical Ethics in Maine Conference, September 21, Bangor, ME.

(2007)Rurality as an ethical advantage. Clinical Ethics in Maine, October 11, Portland, ME.

(2006) The ethics of pandemic preparedness. Maine Center for Public Health Conference, June 10, Portland, ME.

(2003) Are we medical care providers or are we forensic investigators? 9th Annual Child Welfare Conference, April 30, Bangor, ME.

Conference Organization – Statewide Conferences

(2016) Co-organizer. Maine hospital ethics committee conference, October 21, Bangor ME.

(2009) Co-organizer. Clinical ethics in Maine: Vital conversations, September 9, Bangor, ME.

Local/Regional Presentations

(2019) CRISPR and Beyond: ethical issues in human genome editing, MDI Biological Laboratory, July 14, Bar Harbor, ME.

(2018) Cultivating a robust ethics presence in a small hospital, Charles A. Dean Memorial Hospital, October 31, Greenville, ME.


(2018) Adding clinical ethics consultation to a hospital ethics committee’s portfolio, The Aroostook Medical Center, October 9, Presque Isle, ME.

(2018) Personal genomics: The promise and peril of the genomic dream, Jesup Memorial Library, July 10, Bar Harbor, ME. [Part of Research Experience for Undergraduates NSF Grant (NSF 13-542); Three year commitment to offer summer ethics training.]

(2018) The intersection of genomics and clinical ethics, The Jackson Laboratory, July 10, Bar Harbor, ME.

(2018) Jahi McMath and the instability of brain death, Bangor Humanities Day, February 2, Bangor, ME.

(2017) Penobscot Bay Medical Center, June 6, Rockport, ME:

  1. Professionalism in clinical ethics (staff)
  2. Decision making capacity (staff and public)
  3. Establishing an ethics presence in your hospital (staff)

(2014) Physician assisted suicide/aid in dying: Ethical issues, Maine Medical Center, February 4, Portland, ME.

(2017) Medicine and the humanities, Bangor Humanities Day, June 27, Bangor, ME.

(2010) Ethical issues in advance health care planning, May 5, Bangor, ME.

(2008) Bioethics: History and current issues, Rotary Club, October 10, Bangor, ME.

(2007) Ethics in psychiatric care, Acadia Hospital, November 28, Bangor, ME.

(2007) Defining the good life in the assisted living setting, Phillips-Strickland House, February 22, Bangor, ME.

(2007) Ethics of addiction research and treatment, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center, January 5, Bangor, ME.

(2004) The ethics of treating patients with traumatic brain injury, The Rehab Center at Brewer, January 6, Brewer, ME.

Bioethics Grand Rounds, Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor Maine

(2020) Treatment of the Incapacitated Patient over Objection, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/15/20

(2018) Mental Health in the ED, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/19/18
(2018) Report cards for providers: Ethical issues, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/8/18

(2018) Privacy, confidentiality, and HIPPA, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/8/18
(2017) Prejudice and bigotry from patients, Bioethics Grand Rounds 9/13/17
(2017) Patient literacy, Schwartz Center Rounds 5/15/17
(2017) Ethical issues in orthopedics, Orthopedics Grand Rounds 3/27/17
(2017) Cultural differences and ethics, Pediatrics Grand Rounds 2/9/17
(2017) Conflicts over prognosis, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/11/17
(2016) Parenting style or child neglect? Pediatric Grand Rounds, 11/29/16
(2016) A tool for solving ethical dilemmas, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/9/16
(2016) Stigma and substance use disorders, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/11/16
(2016) Vaccination and healthcare workers, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/11/16
(2016) Social media and medicine, Pediatrics Grand Rounds, 1/23/16
(2016) The incapacitated patient, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/13/16
(2015) Medical futility, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/18/15
(2015) How to see the person in the patient, Schwartz Center Rounds, 6/18/15
(2015) When a provider gives poor care, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/13/15
(2015) Nurse professionalism in an era of health reform, Nursing Week, 4/27/15
(2015) Professionalism amidst fragmentation, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/20/15
(2015) Ethics during an Ebola epidemic, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/14/15
(2015) Inter-professional collaboration, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/12/14
(2015) Moral distress, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/10/14
(2014) Ethical issues in chaplaincy services, Chaplains Grand Rounds, 5/30/14
(2014) PICC lines in patients with addiction, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/12/14
(2014) Ethical screening: The PSA test, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/6/14
(2014) Physician assisted suicide, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/8/14
(2013) Workplace violence, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/13/13
(2013) Determining decision making capacity, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/11/13 (2013) Ethical screening under the ACA , Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/6/13
(2013) Compassionate care of the LGBTQ patient, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/9/13
(2012) EMMC Ethics Consultation Service, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/14/12
(2012) Determination of terminal illness, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/12/12
(2012) DNR orders and surgery, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/9/12
(2012) Discharge and mental illness, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/9/12
(2012) Consent and the Jehovah’s Witness patient, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/11/12
(2012) Ethical care of the obese patient, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/16/11
(2011) When the patient is a friend, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/14/11
(2011) Popular culture and bioethics, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/12/11
(2011) Ethical issues in dementia, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/9/11
(2011) Ethical issues in the OR, Anesthesia Grand Rounds, 1/24/11
(2011) The language of death and dying, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/12/11
(2010) Suicide attempts and treatment refusals, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/20/10
(2010) Maine’s new medical marijuana law, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/8/10
(2010) Talking about end of life, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/5/10
(2010) Variable decision making capacity, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/10/10
(2010) Medicine 2.0: Social networking in the hospital: Part 2, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/15/10
(2009) Medicine 2.0: Social networking in the hospital: Part 1, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/15/09

(2009) Organ donation and brain death, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/15/09
(2009) Tools for addressing ethical dilemmas, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/21/09
(2009) When patients make “bad” choices, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/12/09
(2008) The limits of surrogate decision making, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/12/09
(2008) Firing a patient, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/14/08
(2008) Futility and social justice, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/14/08
(2008) When an adolescent Jehovah’s Witness refuses to be transfused, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/19/08
(2008) The global outsourcing of medical care, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/9/08
(2007) The new Ethics Advisory Committee at EMMC: Structure, function, mission and goals, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 11/14/07
(2007) Justice in allocating blood products, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 9/12/07
(2007) Patient survival vs. meaningful recovery, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 5/9/07
(2007) Drug samples: Ethical concerns, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 3/14/07
(2007) Alternative/complementary/integrative medicine: The health care provider’s responsibilities, Bioethics Grand Rounds, 1/10/07
(2007) Neuroethics: Current issues, Neurology Grand Rounds, 1/12/07
(2006) Bioethics for the neurologist, Neurology Grand Rounds, 12/3/06

Annual Invited Lectures and Trainings

(2016-) Clinical Ethics in Nursing Practice, Nurse Residency Program, Eastern Maine Medical Center

(2014-) Ethics for Family Practice Residents, Eastern Maine Medical Center (2012-) Ethical Issues in Hospice and Home Health, VNA Bangor Area Visiting Nurses

(2008-) Ethics for Hospice Volunteers, Hospice of Eastern Maine, Bangor, ME

(2007-) Training for Ethics Committee Members (4 hours/4 modules)*
1. History of healthcare ethics committees in the United States
2. Purpose, function, and roles of an ethics consultation service
3. Process and method in ethics consulting
4. Application to cases


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