Responsive Pedagogy Resources for 8/19/2020

For faculty who are teaching face to face this fall:

Recommended: Attend one of the CITL sessions on teaching in a physically distanced classroom. Attendees can attend either via Zoom or in the actual classroom. Both are eye-opening. The next scheduled session is Friday August 21, but they plan to add more, including through the first week of classes.

Highly recommended: Sign up for a walk through of their classroom with IT. Faculty can sign up for Room Technology Orientations here:

Language you can use on your syllabus (not required) :


The following FAQs provide information about classroom technology initiatives at UMaine along with information about classroom training sessions, instructional materials, and how to request support. Please contact me ( and Tom Drake ( directly if you have any questions.

Web Conferencing Upgrades

Where is web conferencing equipment being installed?

Web conferencing equipment is being installed in the following buildings:

Aubert, Barrows, Bennett, Boardman, Bryand Global, Deering, DPC, Hutchinson Center, Jenness, Lengyel, Little, Lord, Murray, Neville, Nutting, Shibles, Stevens North

The following link is to a status report that provides detailed information about the web conferencing installations and other technology-related updates. UMaine Web Conferencing Upgrade Status Report

Classroom Technology Training

When will the training be available?

Documentation and an instructional video about how to operate the web conferencing and stationary web conferencing carts will soon be available. Documentation will be available in each classroom, along with information about how to request classroom technology support.

Classroom technology training sessions with IT Media Services and CITL staff will be available starting August 17 through August 28. A communication to faculty teaching in technology-equipped classrooms will include a link to training materials and a training appointment calendar. 

Web Conferencing Carts

Will the web conferencing carts be mobile or stationary?

Due to concerns about potential equipment damage when moving carts between rooms and about how to secure the equipment, it was decided to position the carts in specific classrooms. 

Where will the carts be located?

The Office of Student Records, CITL, and the US:IT Classroom Technology team collaborated to determine cart locations based upon classroom seating capacity and room characteristics. 

The carts will be located in the following classrooms during the fall 2020 semester:

Aubert 316, Lord 100, Merrill 330. Boardman 210 & 310, Barrows 119 & 125. Little 203, Rogers 206

What equipment will be available on the carts?

Each cart includes a 65” display, camera-bar with built-in microphone and speakers, a tabletop extension microphone, and a computer system. 

Peripheral A/V equipment 

Peripheral A/V equipment has been purchased and will be available for check-out from Fogler Library. Information about equipment availability will be posted on Fogler Library’s website. 

Ten each of the following items were purchased:

  • Wacom Tablets
  • External USB Webcams
  • USB Microphones
  • Document Cameras
  • Cell Phone Grip Small Tripods
  • USB Clip Lights
  • USB Hubs


UMS Employee Scenario Document

UMS Academy: De-escalation Training

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